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About Us

Big cats are under threat in the wild, and being exploited in captivity. Many tourists and volunteers are unaware of what is truly happening to these big cats, and therefore we take pride in speaking on the animal’s behalves. Make informed decisions, unite with us and help spread awareness!

Panthera Africa is an educational platform where we, together with our big cats, will educate you about each species and their individual uniqueness, and share their heart-warming stories!


Panthera Africa strongly believes that everyone can make a difference, which is what we will seek to do for the thousands of big cats in need of a safe haven. Panthera Africa is a true sanctuary where animal welfare is in focus, and no cub-petting, breeding or trading takes place.

Panthera Africa are proud to be the blueprint for future-forward thinking. We are a source of inspiration to everyone as our story carries a powerful message of hope amongst adversity. By empowering people, of all ages across the world, to better live in harmony with nature and themselves the world will be able to further understand the beautiful balance of life and everything we live in. Upon engaging with us, we wish to see enlightened leaders with regards to a changed mind set by having reached a higher level of consciousness. This awareness engulfs ethical practices, a self-sustaining life force, a desire to spread awareness, and, beings who believe in the greatness of life.

We believe that only if we unite, can we truly make a difference. The challenges that the big cat and wildlife industry are facing are too profound to overcome alone, so by standing together – governments, organisations and general public – we can implement common tools and methods and have a unified approach. For this reason, we work closely with all stakeholders in this industry that share our high standards and ethics – on all levels. We work closely with some of the world’s largest animal welfare organisations to see how we can help each other towards our common goal.

It is time for us as a community to listen and unite in order to tell the story of the lions to help them and ourselves.

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